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The Kisan K2 value counter is in a class of its own

Page Automation is proud to introduce the new Kisan K2 to its product stable.

The new K2 value counter is faster than the SB9, processing 1000 notes per minute and is the smallest 2 pocket banknote sorter in the market. It can count and sort banknotes based on denomination, orientation, face and fitness as well as capture serial numbers (option) at a speed of up to 1,000 notes per minute.

It was recently chosen as the Winner of the 2015 Korea Good Design Award.

The K2 user interface was designed to be intuitive and convenient for the users.

The K2 is 30mm thinner and 2kg lighter than the NEWTON. Parts were made smaller
and an entirely new design was applied in order to make a smaller yet more powerful cash processor.

There is no need to switch between currencies. The K2 can recognize and count several currencies simultaneously.

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