Track Time & Attendance
efficiently with SA’s #1 Cloud Based Solution

All Inclusive Solution From only R750 per month

Add additional Biometric Devices for only R200 per month!

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F18 Access Control Fingerprint Terminal

Rain Shield with standoff box

PS901B Uninterrupted power supply

BATT-12V 7AH Securiprod SLA F1 4.8mm

Training and system setup 

Installation *

Free remote support (capped at 3 hours per year)

Free software for up to 50 employees

SMARTTIME gives you the tools to track time and attendance, manage shifts and leave,

create and modify schedules, identify potential over and under staffing issues whilst

providing organisation wide insights into how to allocate your resources.

It’s easy to set up and integrates or interfaces seamlessly with your existing platforms

whilst being customizable to fit in with your business needs.

Get our SMARTSLIP document delivery WEB BASED product

absolutely FREE with your purchase!
Add our Smartslip sms functionality for as little as R5.00 per payslip.

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* Once off installation cost  of R2750 for the first device

plus R1100 per additional device.

Terms & Conditions apply. Prices exclude VAT