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SmartSlip payslip delivery solution proves to be the smart solution for Mitak

Mitak, one of the world’s largest suppliers of wear resistant castings, situated in Alrode, Gauteng recently acquired 4 Smartslip Kiosks during February 2013.

The company employs a large number of workers that are paid weekly wages, this made the delivery of their payslips a very important, yet a costly and time consuming function within the business. The volume of pay queries was another major challenge that Mitak was facing.

SmartSlip proved to be the ideal solution and Mitak soon saw the benefits it would receive.

Smartslip payslip system

The kiosk installation process was simple and 4 Smartkiosks were commissioned within 1 day across the sites for the employees to access conveniently using the self-service applications.

The process of uploading the payslip data to the secure Repository Management System (RMS) was just as efficient and all the employees’ cellphone numbers were loaded for the delivery of payslips through the SmartSlipSms text messaging technology.

Now a total of 2500 payslips are delivered to employees and contractors through a web portal, kiosks and via text message on a weekly basis.

Mitak reported to have achieved a saving of R1.6 million over a 36 month period as a direct result of implementing the Smartslip and Smartslip sms solutions. Francois Geyser, Mitak Human resource manager explains “We deliver our payslips within 4 minutes per week to all our employees and contractors. This is impossible to achieve through any other means.”

The SmartSlip pay query facility has provided major benefits for the staff and HR department at Mitak by increasing the response time to queries. Once the staff receive their payslips via sms they are able to respond immediately to any issues or alternatively they can log queries via the SmartKiosk. The query is then delivered to the HR administrators email account and a reply can then be sent to the originators handset as a text message.

Page Automation also provides remote monitoring for all its SmartSlip clients. This means that it is able to get early notification of any problems from the SmartKiosks and respond quickly to prevent down time of these machines. Now in their second month with SmartSlip, Mitak say that their online monitoring reports have shown that the kiosks have had zero downtime.

“We are actually getting payslips delivered for free when considering our great cost savings!

SmartSlip is a great product and we are equally as pleased with the excellent service we have received from Page Automation.” says Francois.