South Coin Wrapper

SOUTH Wrap reliably wraps coins of almost every currency. It is used in banks, cash centres, central banks, mints, leisure parks and gaming to pack rolls professionally.


For big volumes

SOUTH Wrap technology has been used in cash centers, central banks and mints starting from 2001 and was continuously improved based on our customers’ needs. Big capacity, high average speed, easy accessibility and the ability to process coins of almost every currency are the most common needs covered by SOUTH-Wrap. The ability to program new coins without the need of technical support offer especially our mint and CIT customer a much higher flexibility.

  • Up to 30 rolls per minute
  • Up to 10.000 coins capacity
  • Free coin programming
  • Big coin size range
  • Coin roll stabilizer


Fits in your process

SOUTH-Wrap works with all common packing linesautomatic or semi-automatic. Various interfaces allow an easy integration, and with other SOUTH-Equipment even remote controlling.

  • RS232 Interface
  • Power interface
  • Lift-control
  • Packing line interface


Safe and durable

SOUTH-Wrap is affordable over all its lifetime. The machine is designed to keep service and maintenance costs low by only replacing components which need to be replaced. The optional non-stop coin detection unit offers the possibility to reject any false coin which might be in the coin fix or to make sure no wrong coin denomination is wrapped.

  • Affordable TCO
  • Optional high performance and non-stop currency detection sensor
  • Ceramic components for more durability


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