Plus P-409D

Plus P-409 D counts with the speed up to 1500 sheets per minute. You simply place the notes under the clamp – and the bill starts automatically. Can use AU / RM function – and an audible alarm will be triggered. The data will be displayed on the LED display or you can have the results printed out. Very compact and does not take much space on your desktop.



  • Automatic counting function-automatically counting start with putting the notes in the damper:
  • ALARM function-when the counted notes are more or less than 100 notes, this function will be operated with Alarm signal and sound.
  • PRESET function-available for counting the pre-set numbers of notes by just pressing any key button on the 10 key panel.
  • ADD function-available for accumulating the numbers of counted notes.
  • Ultra-violet counterfeit detection and customer display (OPTION)
  • Three selectable speeds (OPTION)
  • OK Stamp device (OPTION)
  • 200 notes clamper capacity.
  • Large LED display of 4digits for displaying the counted numbers and pre-set display of 3digits.
  • Simple and easy operational function keys.
  • Accurate and quiet counting at high speed up to 100 sheets per 4 seconds.


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