Heavy Duty Medium Market Coin Sorter with Alloy Detection

Orion electronic coin counting & sorting system is an ideal solution for banks, cash centres, casinos, as well as other users dealing with the coins.

It counts and sorts simultaneously (800 coins p.m. ) with a unique coin detection system. It also rejects all irregular coins.



  • Alloy Detection, rejection of counterfeit, damaged or foreign coins
  • Speed up to 800 coins per minute
  • Capacity of sorting: 8 denomination
  • Diameter from 14 to 32 mm & thickness from 0.8 to 3.2 mm
  • Robust and heavy construction
  • Five languages menu selection
  • Internal coin counters for technicians control with password
  • Adjustment of timing motor stops after no checking any coin
  • Connections to any printer or PC – entering of cashier code, counting number, date, time, banknote annotation, …
  • 8 boxes of 300 coins capacity or bag holders
  • Counting system by ground
  • Sorting system through incline rail with belt leading coins
  • Graphic Display


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