Office Vault provides technology powered by artificial intelligence, that automatically captures data from documents, whether they are scanned, photographed or digital.


OCR – but not as you know it

Powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, Office Vault constantly learns with every document processed – enabling automated data extraction from any number of document designs in dozens of languages. So unlike traditional optical character recognition (OCR) engines, no templates are required – just set and forget.

Improve Accuracy

No error-prone manual data entry, simply let Office Vault capture the data you want and deliver it how you want it in seconds. Plus data matching tools provide extra validation. Improve visibility and control over your process – whether it accounts payable, expense management, proof of purchase or more.

Save Money

Improve productivity and job satisfaction with staff focussing on higher value work. Remove the costs of data entry or complex and expensive electronic data interchange (EDI) and combine with cost effective per document pricing for a super quick ROI. Simple setup with no template configuration. Remove manual data entry and become paperless – no more chasing paper documents around the office or filing and retrieving paper.

Work Smarter

Streamline processes, spend time on what is important and make decisions quicker with real time reporting and tracking. Mine existing documents and bring Big Data to life in your organisation. Perfect for high volume documents like invoices, receipts and complex documents such as contracts.