Laser Printers

Page Automation is the largest supplier of the full range of Kyocera colour and mono Laser printers in the South African market from entry level A4 to high end A3 devices.


Kyocera’s ECOSYS branded printers provide customers with a printing solution that incorporates long life components and one of the lowest costs per print. By eliminating the need to continually replace costly components, ECOSYS printers do their part in helping to reduce environmental and financial waste. Not only economy and ecology, Kyocera’s ECOSYS branded products offer customized solution to comply with various IT environment for long-term benefit of investment.


High Definition Printing Solutions

  • The most obvious benefit is being able to create high quality printed documents and sales collateral in-house. Producing your own materials is faster, and it saves you money.

Enhanced collaboration

  • Everything that you copy or scan is accessible to all authorized employees right away by using the PinPoint Scan application. Even if your team members are offsite, they can see the documents that you’re working on, and make decisions much more quickly.

Advanced Document Management

  • Many offices are transitioning to “paperless,” for many reasons. Digital storage allows for instant retrieval of any scanned document, reduces the need for physical storage space, and ultimately reduces the office’s carbon footprint.

Maximized uptime

  • Kyocera Laser Printers have the best performance record in the business.
  1. Longer Life and less waste
  2. ECOSYS technology
  • The patented Ecosys technology delivers exceptional reliability, superior output quality and ease of service.