Kisan K5A

5 Pocket desktop High Speed Fitness Sorter

K5-A is an operating product with high efficiency and productivity and is tailor-made model for back office and CIT (Cash in Transit).



  • Efficient Working Privilege
  • Space Saving(small footprint)
  • Vertical Design
  • High Speed (1000 notes)
  • Simple & Easy
  • Single path Face & Orientation
  • Serial Number Reading (OCR)
  • Auto Currency Support
  • Available in 48 currencies
  • Casino Clearance Program
  • Multi-Currency and counting modes
  • Up to 20 currencies can be counted at once. 20 Auto/Mix(20),
  • Orientation: Orients all bills in proper direction (heads facing right or heads facing left)
  • Note S/N (OCR)
  • Fitness Sorting