Hitachi IH-110

2 Pocket Banknote sorter with Checks/Tickets Scanner

The iH-110 Series is a compact banknote sorter with scanner. IH-110 is an intelligent and reliable multi-functional banknote sorter that provides a broad selection of options. It is an ideal choice for bank branches, back office in banks and cash-in-transit (CIT) as well as casinos and retailers



  • High-speed Image processing technologies
  • Full Colour Image with Dual CIS scans both sides of bills to reduce unwanted rejects
  • Can Capture and Record of OCR,MICR and Barcode
  • Deposit full colour image
  • Can be Installed in more than 40 currencies
  • Counting Modes Include:
  • Mixed: Counts mixed money, providing grand total and itemized count.
  • Single (Sorting): Counts 1 Denomination and sorts all other denominations into reject pocket.
  • Count: Counts all bills, providing quantity total.
  • Face: Faces all bills (heads up or heads down)
  • Orientation: Orients all bills in proper direction (heads facing right or heads facing left)
  • Advanced sensor technologies
  • Full Counterfeit Detection
  • Reliable fitness sorting with excellent tape detection performance
  • User Friendly interface
  • 2 teller user mode indicator (multi-user mode)
  • Full colour touch screen
  • Easy operation, simple maintenance
  • Remote monitoring – management system
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