EB 1500

High Speed Bulk Banknote and Deposit Machine

•   Full authentication and easy operation.
•   Cassette Note Capacity up to 10000 notes.
•   10.1 ” Touch screen.
•   Dual CIS Imaging Sensor.
•   ESCROW / Free fall dump.
•   Fully customizable user interface.
•   Coin deposit functionality (optional).





  • Sophisticated counterfeit note detection by UV, FL, MG, MT.
  • Program downloading through RS-232 and USB.
  • 3.2″ TFT color LCD display
  • 4 direction (Face, Bottom, Width, Length) note recognition
  • Compact and attractive design
  • Optional 2-line External Display
  • Easy to open front head for maintenance
  • Easy trouble-shoot by user from Keyboard
  • 3D size detection

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