DoCash 531

Ultraviolet Banknote Detector

Ultraviolet viewing detectors that provide reliable counterfeit authentication of banknotes and securities by maximizing the use of powerful UV lamps


Visual inspection of security features of banknotes, securities and documents

  • UV control (visualization of general luminescence background and individual image elements)
  • Control in white back light
  • Control in white reflected light
  • Geometric control of banknotes
  • Extendable feet provide the possibility to choose the most convenient angle of view (increase the angle of view up to 30%)
  • Powerful ultraviolet lamps
  • Possibility of authentication fan oriented banknotes
  • The banknote is fully placed on the viewing panel
  • Slot for documents up to A4 format and dimensional scale for geometric control of banknotes
  • Compact size

DoCash L — control of printing types and methods, security holograms, micro fonts, erasures with magnification of 10 times in white reflected incident light
DoCash M — control of the presence and location of IR and ferromagnetic ink tags


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