D100 Series

D100 coin deposit series offer a high processing speed and an excellent safety record. Access to coins and counting modules is separate and available from the front and back. With a large choice of coin receptacles, dual currency features and flexibility in integration, D100 series is a product line to suit a variety of needs.


For High Volumes

D100 series is equipped with a reliable cleaning device to prevent down-time caused by foreign objects and comes with a heavy duty mechanism. A multi-bag filling system with automatic weight limitation is included as standard.

  • Depositing speed of up to 1,000 coins per minute
  • Capacity of up to 90 kg of coins
  • Dual cleaning device
  • Durable design


Ideal for Industry Partners

If you are looking for a reliable coin solution to complete your banknote processing units, D100 series is the right choice for you. Easy integration and a variety of compatible modules as hopper or coin container will reduce your time to be market-ready to a minimum.

  • Sophisticated communication protocol
  • Software application for Windows
  • Configurable hardware
  • Available in various assembly stages
  • Quick currency adaptation
  • cashDNA‘™ Sensor System with multiple recognition technologies
  • Only low voltage used within the unit
  • Tested §36 BBankG in compliance with EU 1338/200



Installation in a market or region with 2 currencies? Through the wall installation? Optimization of your post-processing? We offer solutions for a variety of requirements. Please feel free to contact us.

  • Can be configured for mixed or sorted coin output
  • Can be used as mix deposit or sorting version
  • Separate access to cash and counting unit from the front and back
  • Dual currencies possible


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