Cummins MM2

Self- Service Coin Machine

Fast, accurate and very easy to use.  Adding a Money Machine 2 self-service coin redemption machine into your business can enhance your customers’ experience by letting customers process coins directly allowing for easy redemption and enhanced customer service.


Customer-Driven Technology

Money Machine™ self-service coin counters are the fastest, high-capacity coin processors in the industry. The patented technology used in the Money Machine sorts and counts at speeds up to 4,100 coins per minute. This high-speed, robust technology gives your customers the best-in-class service expected of your financial institution.

Accuracy and Dependability

Managing coin processing is easy when counts are accurate and balancing intuitive. With 99.995% accuracy, the Money Machine provides precise processing. This translates into worry-free operations, less time managing coin processing and improved branch efficiency.
Unmatched dependability—warranted to 50 million mixed coins— ensures uninterrupted service to your customers and branch personnel. The Money Machine is designed with only one moving part, which means fewer jams and lower maintenance costs.

World-Class Service and Support

Cummins Allison service technicians stand behind each product. Delivering dependable, local service and parts inventories, each skilled professional is trained to maintain your specific machine requirements. CA service is unparalleled, 97% satisfaction to customers day in, day out, year after year.


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