A lobby self-service solution designed to accept large deposits of loose, unsorted coins in exchange for a voucher redeemable in branch or for direct credit into the customer’s bank account (online option).

Designed to occupy minimal floor space and allow a plug ’n’ play installation, the CDi-L is the perfect solution to automate and expedite cash-heavy transactions, take coin processing away from the tellers, and offer a swift experience to both personal and commercial customers.



Offer a quick and smooth experience to your customers

A deposit transaction only takes a couple of minutes to complete and the count is automated and 99,9% accurate, every time

Automation of cash and admin heavy transactions

With all cash-heavy transaction migrated to the self-service walls, staff can be redirected to customer service and consultative roles

Reduce CIT pick-ups

With a capacity of up to 35,000 mixed coins, the CDi allows CIT operators to quickly pick up its contents in a secure coin trolley, reducing the amount and length of visits

Transaction cost is minimised

With a small footprint, low-cost operation and minimal maintenance required, the CDi solution allows to significantly reduce your operational costs while offering your personal and commercial customers a valued service that listens to their everyday needs.


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