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New Product launched – Smart Slip payslip delivery solutions

Page Automation is pleased to announce that it recently secured a partnership as the exclusive distributor of a new product called SmartSlip, an innovative and cost-effective means of delivering payslips instantly and securely via sms or at a kiosk installed at the employer’s premises.
In an era where all companies are moving away from a paper based environment and need to keep up with industry trends and consumer demands, SmartSlip offers the perfect solution. This is an industry first as prior to it the only other way of delivering payslips digitally was via email or for an employee to log in to a company’s intranet website to download it, provided of course that the employee had internet access. As most working class individuals own a cellphone, regardless of their economic circumstances, the option to deliver payslips via sms is extremely attractive and convenient. In addition, it works on any cellphone, not only Smartphones.

Now not only will companies save money on printing out expensive payslips, but it also means that industries such as mines, logistics companies and factories with a tremendous number of workers located at various sites countrywide, don’t need to send payslips to all these sites, instead these workers can receive their payslip no matter where they are, at any time. The Smartslip functionality also allows them to respond by sending an sms back, should they need to query anything on their payslip.

The Touch screen Kiosks can be installed at Head office or at their other sites where they can login securely using their username and password, much like an ATM, print out their current payslip or even past payslips.  The paper used for this purpose is very economical ‘till slip’ thermal paper, and saves the employee and the HR department time should they need to get print outs of their payslip at any point in the month.

This product fits perfectly with our current portfolio as we will also be offering the full solution, including the sms package, support and reporting all on a rental contract.