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Latest Kyocera printer family has the lowest energy consumption in its class

Kyocera document solutions announces a new generation of printers with a printer drum that lasts for up to 500, 000 prints

Johannesburg South Africa – October 01, 2012: Kyocera Document solutions, one of the world’s leading document solutions companies, today launched a new printer family for the 40 to 60ppm A4 category. These 5 new printer models: the FS-4300DN, FS-4200DN and FS-4100DN, FS-2100DN and FS-2100D, offer the lowest TEC (Typical electricity consumption) and lowest cost per page in their class. All come with long life components as standard, with the FS-4300DN, FS4200DN and FS-4100DN hosting a printer drum that lasts for up to 500,000 prints.

The TEC of Kyocera’s new printer family is significantly lower than the rest of its class; with the energy consumption of the 60ppm FS-4300DN lower than the TEC value of 40ppm competitor devices. Lower energy consumption results in both lower electricity bills for customers and lower Co2 emissions for the environment.

The new 500,000 page printer drum, which lasts up to 50 times longer than competitor products, is the next phase of Kyocera Ecosys technology which is synonymous with long life components. Using long life components as standard gives Kyocera printers the lowest cost per page in their class, an important consideration when printing in large volumes.

Some print runs require additional security to ensure only authorised access to sensitive information. For this reason, Kyocera’s new family of printers are all equipped with Private printing as standard. The optional card authentication security feature therefore provides users with extra peace of mind.

“The new Kyocera generation of printers benefits from the technology used in the BLI award winning FS-4020DN, which won the BLI ‘Pick of the year’ award in 2009 and BLI’s ‘Outstanding energy efficiency’ award in 2011,” says Michael Powell, Product marketing manager of Kyocera Document solutions South Africa. “As the new printers are faster, more energy efficient and use more advanced technology, as well as having a new attractive 360 degree design, businesses can look forward to an improved user experience.”