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KYOCERA streamlines office workflows with new SmartScan and SmartFax HyPAS applications

Johannesburg, South Africa – April 1, 2013: KYOCERA Document Solutions, a leading document solutions company, announces the launch of two new applications that run on its HyPAS MFP platform. The new applications, SmartScan and SmartFax, make scanning and faxing with multifunction printers easier and more productive for users while delivering sizeable time and cost savings for organisations.

Since the integration of printing, copying, scanning and faxing functions into a single device, today’s offices would be incomplete without MFPs. As with everything technical, however, there is always room for improvement. In particular, when it comes to digitising hardcopy documents, distributing digital copies, and handling fax messages, there is much to do. KYOCERA’s two new applications, designed to run on its HyPAS platform, go a long way toward taking the hassle and expense out of scanning and faxing.

Touch and go

SmartScan simplifies and accelerates the changing of file formats, page sizes, resolution, duplex or simplex and other scan settings. It permits users to scan to a shared folder, or an e-mail they either select from an address book or enter on the touchscreen. Logged-in users have the added convenience of the scan2me or the new scan to home folder interface buttons, which automatically scan hardcopies with a single touch to the user’s e-mail address or folder, respectively

SmartFax is available in SmartScan or as a separate application. For a fraction of the purchase price and operating cost of a fax card, it runs on MFPs using our virtual fax server in the cloud. In addition, SmartFax delivers unbeatable convenience, eliminating many time-consuming, error-prone steps in the fax workflow. Users need to enter only the destination number, which they can obtain from the company directory. Additional equipment, attachments, fax cards or cables are unnecessary.

“SmartFax requires no addtional fax servers and can transform MFPs into fax devices for just the cost of the application’s purchase price,” says Suniel Seejiram, Software Product Manager KYOCERA Document Solutions South Africa.

“KYOCERA’s SmartScan and SmartFax products make office work more convenient and productive, while significantly lowering organisations’ overhead.”