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High-end USB device server myUTN-2500 gets performance boost.

Software update for all myUTN USB device servers

New firmware 14.4.11 makes high-end USB device server myUTN-2500 faster than ever.
The data transfer rate has significantly increased from 65 MB/s to 100 MB/s. If all three ports are occupied, then each port can reach a maximal transfer rate of 30 MB/s.
For Windows, OS X/macOS and Linux operating systems.
The following features for our USB device servers and dongles servers have also been improved/added:

  • Security enhancement through OpenSSl 1.0.2j (eliminates risk of Sweet 32
  • USB 3.0 support for Linux
  • Systemd support for Linux
  • Now supporting: „Vector CAN VN1600 interface family“, „Siemens CP 5711“, „ZTE MF190 wireless cellular modem 3G“, „Secutest Pro Test Instruments“, „Prolific PL2303-TA und PL2303-XA USB to Serial converter“, „TI XDS100V2 programming adapter”

Download the new Firmware version 14.1.11 (myUTN-2500) and 14.4.10 (all other device and dongle servers) and our SEH UTN Manager 3.0.31 for free from our website.