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Caring for our People with the Page Automation Academy


The Page Automation Academy has been operating for just over 3 months and we are proud to report that it has been successful in its efforts to assist a few of our staff and their families with financial support.

In some cases, these are staff that are single parents or sole bread winners for their families and the Academy attempts to ease that burden.

Over the recent months, the Academy has signed up 3 candidates and is funding their children’s education for the year.  The academy not only provides funding for education, but is also able to assist with other support such as medical, training programmes, sponsorships and various other causes.

Most companies invest in charities as part of their corporate social investment, but we believe that supporting our people first is more important. In these tough times where the cost of living is increasing and the recession has taken its toll on many, it’s the smaller things that often make the difference and that is why at Page Automation we are pleased to offer this opportunity.

The committee members comprising of Adrian De Oliveira, Stella Kumalo and Solly Lidavha are dedicated to the cause.  “Our aim is to be fair in our allocation of the funding by carefully evaluating each application, but it’s a great pleasure to help our fellow staff where we can!” says Director, Stella Kumalo.