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Applying for and approving leave has never been easier with SmartSlip

A new leave module was recently launched as part of the SmartSlip solution. SmartSlip was originally designed to deliver payslips digitally via text message, email, online or via a SmartKiosk at the company’s sites and has proven to drastically reduce the cost of payslip production and distribution. The Smartslip leave module further enhances the capabilities of SmartSlip by streamlining the leave application and approval process which is built on the same technologies.

The Smartslip leave module enable’s employees to apply for various leave types from an on-site kiosk or from their desktop computers .Once the employee has submitted his leave application, it will be forwarded to his manager as a text message. The text message will contain the details of all employees reporting to the manager who have approved leave for the same period. Information such as the names of all employees, the type of leave taken and the leave dates granted are then displayed on a grid and aid the manager in his decision making process.

The text message will also contain embedded links to approve or decline the leave application. Once the manger has approved or declined the application, a text message informing the employee of the manager’s decision will be sent to him. Approvals can also be administered via an online leave portal.

The leave module contains an export facility that enables the employer to export all his staff leave applications. Once exported, the manager is able to import the applications into their HR or payroll leave systems.

SmartSlip is ideal for companies that need to manage the leave for a large number of workers located at various sites. SmartSlip’s leave module makes it easy to apply for leave, saving the company downtime from their workers having to go through a time-consuming leave approval processes. Often managers struggle to manage multiple leave requests. With Smartslip’s new leave module, the process is vastly improved and managers can check the leave request against the existing leave granted for fellow employees, quickly make a decision and respond.