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Amidst the mielie fields lies great business opportunity and success

Jan Maritz, Senior account manager at Page Automation JHB branch sealed a deal with Obaro (Pty) Ltd providing them with 26 Denominator machines across 23 of their branches.

Obaro is an agricultural company within the MGK group, supplying the farmers in the area with feed, fuel and implement. The business began in Rustenburg and now has branches across Mpumalanga, Gauteng, North West, Limpopo and Northern Cape Province and is a prominent player in irrigation farming just north of the Orange River.

Jan came across the opportunity one day soon after joining Page Automation. He would occasionally fill up with diesel at Obaro’s branch in Rustenburg, and he noticed that there were often long queues and it appeared as though they were not managing their cashing up system very efficiently. On enquiry, he learned that the staff endured the very tedious process of putting the cash they received in boxes under the counter, manually counting and cashing up and then placing all the money into a wall safe. The local Absa ATM at Skiunsdrift and Dwaalboom was used to deposit the cash into the bank at the end of the day.

When Jan and Sales Director, Pieter De Beer met with Obaro’s management team to carry out a demonstration, they were blown away with the advanced technology of the Denominator and could instantly see the benefits it would have to their business; the time taken to cash up would be considerably reduced by counting 1000 notes per minute. It would be a lot safer and more secure since the money would no longer be kept in the staff’s possession or under the counter, cash up could take place immediately with a receipt print out from the machine. The chance of human error would also be eliminated and proper counterfeit detection could take place simultaneously during the deposit.

Obaro were eager to roll out the machines to start seeing the benefits and cost savings across their business and proceeded with roll out plans almost immediately. They are the first farming cooperation in the country to have these machines and have been extremely accommodating to the extent of providing Page Automation with a forklift and a person to assist with installation at every site.

Jan prides himself in his approach to the customer and establishing a relationship of trust. He explains, “If the product is the best in its class as is the case with the Denominator it will easily get you a deal, but ensuring the customer is satisfied and involved each step of the way will enable you to secure more deals and open up more doors”

All the Obaro installations that have been rolled out to date have gone very smoothly with the support of the back office team and dedicated technicians that have ensured quick and seamless installations. Jan carried out extensive training for all the staff at each site to ensure they are all productive from the start and are equipped with a user guide to refer to when in doubt.

With only a few more sites left to carry out installations, Jan attests to the success of the project, “The whole process from site preparation, installation, testing and finally training has been carried out very efficiently at all the sites with virtually no glitches and as a result Obaro has awarded PageĀ  Automation with all future sites across the group including Senves, NWK, Afgri and Agri”.