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10 Years of ThinPrint® Gateways by SEH Computertechnik GmbH

The 10th anniversary of the partnership and cooperation between SEH Computertechnik GmbH and ThinPrint GmbH in the area of development and marketing of their successful ThinPrint® Gateways equals 10 years of successful and quickly implemented customer and development projects.

Thorsten Hesse, CPO and General Manager at ThinPrint GmbH, states:
“For 10 years, the ThinPrint® Gateways by SEH have been used worldwide in numerous installations of our customers. Developed in close co-operation, the ThinPrint® Gateways are a solution for distributing the ThinPrint Client at the printer sites that is perfectly matched to our ThinPrint Engine. We look forward to continuing our successful and time-tested partnership with SEH.”

We use our considerable expertise in the areas of network technology and printing as well as our extensive hardware and software development know-how to offer you the perfect addition for your ThinPrint environment: our ThinPrint® Gateways. Now in the third generation, we continually improve the ThinPrint® Gateway line. The current generation (TPG-25, TPG-65, and TPG-125) excels at noticeably improved performance and features up-to-date hardware.

We always look ahead to anticipate future requirements and continually improve and enhance the ThinPrint® Gateways in cooperation with our partner ThinPrint GmbH.

  • Free technical support and update service
  • Free warranty extension to 5 years
  • Continuous product development and advancement
  • Worldwide availability through our partner network
  • Time-tested technology
  • Made in Germany
  • Integrate Any Network Printer into Any ThinPrint Environment with the Help of Our ThinPrint® Gateways!
  • ThinPrint® Gateway (TPG-25 / TPG-65 / TPG-125) characteristics:
  • Full support of all ThinPrint features
  • Reliable and maintenance-free operation in all ThinPrint environments
  • Plug & play—installation, configuration, administration, and management are easy and straightforward
  • Maximum security—SSL/TLS, failover features and much more
  • Full support of all ThinPrint features
  • Each ThinPrint® Gateway is equipped with a certified ThinPrint Client.
  • All ThinPrint features such as print data compression and bandwidth control are integrated into the ThinPrint® Gateways. Your network load is reduced as usual.
  • All additional ThinPrint features can be used with the ThinPrint® Gateway. That includes amongst other things AutoConnect (automatic printer object creation) and ThinPrint Connection Service (printing in masked networks).
  • Reliable and maintenance-free operation in all ThinPrint environments
  • Suited for all network environments in which ThinPrint technology is used (e.g. branch and field offices, WANs with narrow bandwidth lease lines or dial-up connections, or server-based computing or virtualized environments)
  • The integration of your printers is independent of manufacturer and model. Integration isn’t restricted to certain printer manufacturers and models
  • All required printer protocols are already implemented.
  • With the ThinPrint® Gateways, network printer integration can be tailored to your ThinPrint environment—no matter how complex your environment is.

Plug & play

  • Easy installation, configuration, and administration lower the administration costs of your ThinPrint environment significantly.
  • The basic ThinPrint® Gateway configuration can be transferred to other devices using a parameter file. This saves money and time in big projects.
  • Easy installation and maintenance of ThinPrint® Gateway in field offices. Save the time-consuming and costly installation and maintenance of dedicated Windows® print servers as well as the ThinPrint Client that would have to be installed on each working station.

Maximum security

  • Point-to-point encryption with SSL/TLS: encrypt your print data from the work station via the ThinPrint® Gateway to the printer.
  • The comprehensive security package offers many features which are part of security policies of many companies these days:
  • Secure authentication according to IEEE 802.1X, certificate management, access control, and much more.
  • Failover-features assure reliable and uninterrupted operation. For example, you can save your print jobs to an (optional) USB flash drive if the printer is out of order. As soon as the printer is fit for service, printing continues. Your print data won’t be lost.
  • Get status reports and error messages via email or SNMP. With this feature you will always be up-to-date.